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We owe much to quality
We know that the key to the positive response received up to now lies in our total commitment to quality. This concept involves all our company fields and sectors, just like a linking thread, from design to production, installation and fitting. In fact, your staircase will be assembled by specialised personnel, who carefully monitor all installation procedures, assembling and perfectly testing the products in an accurate and orderly manner. We consisently apply the quality concept: all the components of your staircase are strictly tested and undergo structural tests before entering the production cycle. Varnishes undergo non-scratch tests so that they will be resistant for a long time. We have had AGQS certification since 1995, which is revised on a yearly basis. Quality also means knowing how to face and solve any problems that might arise over the years. In fact, knowing how to assist our customers in order to quickly solve any problems, is a further strength of ours. For any requests, please complete the form here at the side or, if your prefer, contact us during office hours by calling the telephone number given below:

0421 - 43986

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